ProfitView is an easy to use app that provides users with all the tools necessary for advanced trading automation like intelligent order placement, position and balance tracking, notifications and more – on a multitude of supported exchanges.
Triggered either internally or by setting fully customizable alerts on TradingView and utilizing ANY of the numerous available technical indicators or custom scripts on the platform.

ProfitView comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension that can easily be installed on a VPS for 24/7 usage, or if preferred on your local workstation to fulfill it's duty quietly in the background with the ability to send fully customizable notifications about all of it's actions via Email, Discord, Telegram, Text Message or IFTTT.

Upcoming features include realtime alerts, a trade and position monitor, trailing and a neat dashboard giving you a quick overview of balance changes!

Supported Exchanges: Binance incl. Margin, Binance US, Binance Futures (USD & COIN NEW!), Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bybit (incl. USDT), Coinbase Pro, Deribit, DueDEX NEW!, FTX, FTX US NEW!, Gemini, Kraken, Kraken Futures, KuCoin, KuCoin Futures, OANDA, OKCoin, OKEX, Phemex NEW!, Poloniex, SimpleFX

(Binance Futures with COIN, trailing, hedge mode and close orders; Bybit with USDT and trailing)

Step 1: Download and install ProfitView

Step 2: Buy a ProfitView license to activate ProfitView PRO!
                  (click here to buy OCC or PV directly)
          OR:  Get a monthly ProfitView subscription! NEW!

Step 3: Set up your indicators and alerts on TradingView (eg. OCC)
                  (Note: you can use ANY indicator or even your own pine script)


ProfitView (26/12/2020)

- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Copy/Paste/Save/Load settings + Take screenshots (Beta!)
  (holding the Shift key will disable confirmations, holding the Ctrl key will switch between JSON & text formats)
- Added position monitoring GUI (Beta!)
- Added support for DueDEX exchange
- Added support for Phemex exchange
- Added support for Twilio (SMS) notifications
- Added syntax commands to run or trigger other PV alerts (see run= and trigger=)
- Added conditional option to compare current vs cached price or custom plot (see maxslip= / maxslipref= / ifslip=)
- Added syntax option "transpose" to adjust custom plots based on new price (useful for signals from different chart, see transpose=)
- Added saving of quantity, price, id, status and leftover quantity of canceled/checked orders for later reference (see save= and leftover=)
- Added reference options lastqty, lastprice & laststop to use quantity, price or stop from last placed or canceled order
- Added yield=possize option for normal non-closing orders to reference size of open position
- Added support for equations to unified placeholders and the new conditionals (eg. sl=[(close + _myplot)/2] etc.)
- Added custom plots to unified placeholders (eg. quantity=[_myplot])
- Added support to specify different exchanges/symbols per account in lists via exchange:symbol:account (see a= and ap=)
- Added list support to e= and s= options, allowing to specify different exchange/symbol per account given in a=/ap=
- Added preprocessor conditional syntax to check any predefined placeholder, OHLC and custom plot data against values or other plots
  (eg. [if not _myplot > 7000] ... [else] ... [endif] ; see "Setup: Commands" under "Unified Alerts")
- Added new placeholders to be used in preprocessor conditional syntax
  ([alert], [screener], [manual], [auto], [mode], [long], [short], [weekday], [day], [month], [hour] and [minute])
- Added priceref=pos/even/liq option for normal non-closing orders to reference price of open position
- Added option for interval= command to schedule an alert to run given minutes from now (via interval=+x)
- Added support to specify time in minutes/hours/weeks/months for delay=, jd=, time= and interval=+x options (eg. delay=5.5m)
- Added option to allow running of specific alerts even when in global pause/disabled mode
- Added syntax command to disable/enable PV via disable/enable/toggle=pv (same as global "pause" button)
- Added support to specify custom plot defaults in first line of PV alert via #var1:value,var2:value,...
  (use '!' to overwrite a received OHLC/plot value eg. #!_sl=123,!close=456)
- Added shortcut syntax for custom plot references (eg. sl=_myplot-1% instead of sl=-1% slref=_myplot)
  (Note: Only works for p= / q= / l= / tp= / sl= / ts= / so= / msl= ; allowed ops for q and l are '*' and '/', for all others '+' and '-'!)
- Added syntax options to check for no position/order and opposite direction if side= filter was specified (see nopos=, noorder= and wrongside=)
- Added syntax shortcut to check for existing order IDs before closing a position (see checkid= and wrongid=)
- Added jump option "this" to loop within the last (current) jump label / made "back" option (stack) ignore loops
- Added support for wildcard placeholders in custom order ID checks (eg. check=order id=*-TP)
- Added workaround and internal stats for missed scheduler runs (missed runs will trigger up to 3 minutes later)
- Added possibility to define multiple jump labels directly one after another (or in one line separated by comma)
- Added option to specify a fallback jump label/action in case of an invalid label (useful for placeholders, see fj=)
- Added wildcard support for alert names in disable/enable/toggle syntax commands (eg. disable=*entry)
- Added support for buy/sell/long/short for side in alert message OHLC "footer" (useful for strategy alerts)
- Added support for writing custom messages to the PV log via notify command (eg. notify=log:"Hello!")
- Added CMC data to local OHLC data when queried so it can be used in notifications (see min24h= etc.)
  ({volume_24h}, {percent_change_1h}, {percent_change_24h}, {percent_change_7d}, {market_cap})
- Added string formatting option to notification placeholders, eg. {lastid.2} turns XH5-MSL-123456-1 into XH5-MSL (fixes @
- Added generic placeholder {stop} to reference stop prices in notifications
- Added received/fired numbers to the minimized PV alert view
- Added separate "auto" (interval fired) stats count per alert
- Added human readable description of configured schedule to "Edit interval" GUI
- Added position monitor shortcut to balances in popup window (via Shift-Click or context menu on right click)
- Added unified side and order leverage to last success/error info in popup
- Fixed wrong or missing leverage in notifications when custom plot multiplier used
- Added unified side to alert names for short notifications
- Updated and cleaned up "Setup: Commands" help page
- Added account copy and clone functions via buttons and context menu to exchange API pages
- Added changing of PV icon to orange when not connected to TV event stream nor TV interceptor addon
- Added automatic time offset adjustment for exchanges requiring a timestamp (solving time sync issues)
- Added more details to logging of filtered alerts and a number suffix for events triggering multiple alerts
- Added account copy and clone functions via buttons and context menu to exchange API pages
- Fixed alert log level "none" still logging notifications and "automatic interval run fired" messages
- Fixed alert log level "no debug" not logging standard info messages
- Fixed manual "Reset" button for repeat filter in PV alerts sometimes not working
- Fixed several errors related to multiple accounts specified via a= option
- Changed all closing orders (close=position) to reduce only by default unless explicitly set to false
- Binance: Added option to specify isolated margin flag for orders and loan/repay (see iso=)
- Binance Delivery: Fixed size and PnL calculations for position info and check
- Binance Delivery: Fixed balance placeholders not working in notifications
- Binance Delivery: Fixed balance not available error for BNB based markets
- Binance Delivery: Fixed all positions being closed instead of only selected symbol
- Binance Futures/Delivery: Made pm=auto (automatic detection of hedge mode) default
- Binance Futures/Delivery: Fixed reduceOnly errors for hedged position orders
- Binance Futures/Delivery, BitMEX, Bybit, FTX, KuCoin Futures, SimpleFX: Added support for unit=currency to min/maxsize position filter option
- Binance Futures/Delivery, BitMEX, Bybit, FTX, KuCoin Futures, SimpleFX: Added position info/notification fields {_sizeUSD} and {_sizeCoin}
- Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, KuMEX: Fixed "close=position q=100%" not always posting close-on-trigger orders without quantity
- Binance Futures: Added support for priceProtect stop order option (see pp=)
- Binance Futures: Fixed leverage not set correctly when using custom plot multiplier
- Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, Deribit, FTX, KuCoin Futures: Added support for position liquidation price (via pr=liq)
- Binance, Deribit, FTX: Fixed transfer balance command (invalid error given for custom yield options)
- Bitfinex: Fixed iflong/ifshort for c/ch=position and added basic position info logging
- BitMEX: Added support for position breakeven price (via pr=even)
- BitMEX: Fixed PnL display/calculation to show in XBT instead of Satoshi
- Bybit: Upgraded inverse perpetual markets to v2 API endpoints
- Bybit: Automatically placing real stop instead of SL/TP attribute change if custom order ID specified (id=)
- Bybit: Fixed switch between cross/isolated margin for linear markets
- Bybit: Fixed "not modified" error when changing SL/TP position attribute
- Bybit: Fixed errors when canceling stop orders under certain conditions
- Coinbase Pro: Added support for custom stop references
- Deribit: Added relative quantity calculation for transfer balance command when target is main account
- FTX, FTX US: Fixed calculation of PnL % values (lev% was used as pos%)
- FTX, FTX US: Added rounding down of specified leverage to next valid value
- FTX, FTX US: Fixed leverage not shown correctly in notifications
- FTX, FTX US: Added support for transfer balance command to transfer to/from sub accounts (see tb=)
- FTX, FTX US: Added support for retryUntilFilled stop order option (true by default, see rf=)
- FTX, FTX US: Added support for currency conversion via new syntax command (see convert=) (fixes @
- FTX, FTX US: Fixed trailing stop value for normal (non-closing) short/sell orders
- Gemini: Added support for stop orders
- Gemini: Updated market information
- Kraken: Fixed quantity calculations for margin long trades
- KuCoin Futures: Fixed relative quantity calculations for USDT based markets
- OANDA, FTX: Added support for simple trigger/stop orders (see so=)
- OANDA: Fixed leverage sometimes not shown correctly in notifications
- Poloniex: Fixed error when closing position
- SimpleFX: Fixed relative quantity calculations for equities and indices
- SimpleFX: Fixed wrong side shown in log for close position orders

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